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★ safe product protection:
Companies from the plant began to focus on product quality construction, quality and service routes, from raw material procurement to the goods factory, each process are strictly tested to ensure the quality of products qualified and safe. Very fortunate that our products through the detection of a number of product honorary title, by the market widely welcomed.

★ scientific planning program:
Planning is the first step in the design of the warehouse, in the beginning of the design before the staff responsible for communication and site inspection of the situation, for your actual use of the warehouse planning and design, grasp the overall planning ideas, coordination of the various functions of the warehouse, With the smallest cost of investment, to achieve the purpose of efficient use.In the case of

★ efficient delivery commitment:
Received customer orders, we are within the specified period of time to complete production, the general production time control within 10 working days, due to good coordination with the department, shipping are more timely, with a professional installation team, together with your company's Shelf installation work.

★ complete production equipment:
The company has a number of storage products production equipment, the introduction of the Swiss Jinma spray line and advanced pre-treatment sprinkler system, with a number of German technology to create a fixed cold-formed automatic rolling production line and multi-function rolling production line; Automatic continuous punching production line and a number of CO2 automatic welding production line. Advanced equipment, first-class technology, to the maximum for you to solve the problem of warehousing logistics

★ perfect after-sales service:
We have a professional fast installation team, with the agents we can provide standardized installation services, but also free of charge to provide customers with overseas installation training. Our products provide 3-year warranty service, the service period of any quality problems can be free replacement, we received a question to ensure that within 24 hours to give a response.